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Meet Teresa Perkins

Certified Financial Coach & Credit Strategist 

Hi, I'm Teresa, Founder of Visionary Finance and Co. I'm a Certified Financial Coach and Credit Strategist who helps women learn how to shift their money mindset, overcome debt, live a healthier financial lifestyle, and experience financial freedom. 


My goal is to help women become financially empowered and shift their money mindset. I believe in creating a safe and nonjudgmental environment where we can discuss money woes and how to overcome them. One of the lessons that I've learned while on my financial journey is that there's always a means of starting over. 

What I Specialize In

Money Mindset Shift

Budget Plans and Debt Management

Accountability Partner

Credit Improvement

Financial Education

The Journey Towards Financial Freedom Begins With You Taking Control.

“I'm a single mother of 3, and always wanted to take my children to Disney World, but never had the money. After promising my 7-year-old daughter that this year was the year I knew I had to do something. I contacted Visionary Finance and they helped me set a budget that I could easily maintain while paying down my student loans and bills. I'm happy to say that Visionary Finance helped make my daughter's dream come true, and we made it to Disney Spring 2019. Thanks, Visionary.”

- Rhonda M.

“The day I began working with Teresa, I had a credit score of 492 and was behind on several of my credit cards. With her help, I was able to raise my score over 150 points, get ahead on bills...yes ahead, and start a savings account within 4 months. She supported me every step of the way. Thanks, Teresa for being my finance angel!” 

- Nikki S.

“I must say at first I was skeptical about working with a financial coach because I didn't want to feel as though someone was judging or going to ridicule me on my spending habits. However, Teresa did the complete opposite. She helped me realize that life happens, and it's okay to make mistakes,. That what's important is that we don't continue to make the same mistake over and over. Thanks, Teresa for providing a true place of tranquility and transparency. You've truly helped me shift my money mindset and better manage my money.”

- April H.


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